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Healavie Soft rubbing cleasing oil gel
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Healavie Soft rubbing cleasing oil gel 150ml / 5.07 oz


Cleansing gel-oil that melts softly upon contact with skin temperature.

A 3-step cleanser, in which the gel turns into oil and oil into lotion, this solution neatly removes makeup and sebum.

In addition to removing make-up and skin wastes, it blocks the pores to thoroughly cleanse dead skin and fine dust that cause skin problems.

The variety of wild grass and vitamins formulated in the optimal combination is able to penetrate the skin and transform dull skin into clear and radiant one.

Contains moisturizing ingredients to make the skin hydrated and fresh after cleansing.


What is wild grass (sanyacho)?

Plants with pharmacological efficacy that grow in the mountains or fields, they contain the vitality and solar energy of the earth absorbed through osmotic pressure of the root and photosynthesis of the leaves.

Healavie Cleansing oil gel is 100% made from the best of Korean wild grass.

  • Take appropriate amount and apply evenly on desired cleansing area.
  • Gently rub and massage around the applied sections. (30-60 seconds)
  • Soak hands with a bit of water when massaging so as to change gel into a mild lotion type.
  • After massaging, rinse thoroughly with room temperature water.

A compound word combining “heal” in English and “la vie” (life) in French, it means to

“Contemplate on the skin and mind for the lifetime of the customer, and provide rest and relief to the weary and exhausted skin".

Healavie helps you to long preserve your radiant, beautiful skin through natural, nonirritating ingredients obtained straight from the nature.

We will help you to maintain beauty and protect your skin from stress, environmental pollution, chemical effects.

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