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Foreverskin Salmon Whitening Mask 10 Sheets
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Foreverskin Salmon Whitening Mask 10 sheets


The unique formula contains niacinamide , a funtioonal ingredient know for its whitening efficacy, to brighten the skin while helping with freckle contorol to maintain smooth and fresh skin.

The formula also contains adenosine, a funtional ingredient with anti-wrinkle efficacy, to help enhance skin elasticity and to help achieve healthy, firm skin.


PT Cell Sheet

Consisting entirely of bamboo compotents, this material facilitates the skin absorption of funtional ingredients while its high water - retention property helps the skin stay moist from the deeper layers.

Its excellent adherence allows for active movement during application. As it dries, its natural shrinkage rate pulls the skin and stimulates elasticity.


HPDR 1% Solution

HPDR is a biopolymer substance extract from wild salman DNA that improve skin smoothness by suppressing collagen breakdown and maxmizes skin moisture retention by repressing evaporation of water from the epidermis.

HPDR also forms a powerful barrier that protects the skin from various foreign contaminant particles, reducing skin damage from everyday exposure to the harmful elements.

The result is vitalized, clean and bright skin.

  • After a facial wash, prepare by toning and moisturizing the skin

  • Take the mask sheet and align the holes with your eyes, straightening it out and placing it tightly on the entire facial area

  • Leave the mask on for 15~20 minutes and relax

  • Remove the mask and massage face gently to facilitate absorption of remaining liquid content into the skin

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